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Sunday School For All Ages - 9:45 a:m
Worship Service - 11:00 a:m

Bible Study - 7:00 p:m


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12/04/2016  What Do You Need? Matthew 1:18-25 Rev. Nathan Nwabuike
11/27/2016  What Is Your Need? Revelation 3:14-22 Rev. Nathan Nwabuike
11/20/2016  Do You Know Your Season? Genesis 15:9-21 Rev. Nathan Nwabuike
11/13/2016  Who Are You? Matthew 16:13-18 Rev. Nathan Nwabuike
10/09/2016  The Heart of Thanksgiving   Psalm 136 Pastor Ojo Tewogbade
10/02/2016  Hold On To Faith   Hebrews 11:1-8 Rev. Nathan Nwabuike
09/25/2016  There is Progress   Numbers 33:1-9 Rev. Nathan Nwabuike
09/18/2016  You Must Endure   Hebrews 6:9-15 Rev. Nathan Nwabuike
09/11/2016  Success in Life   Proverbs 4:1-7 Rev. Nathan Nwabuike
09/04/2016  Never Give Up   Revelation 3:7-12 Rev. Nathan Nwabuike
08/28/2016  What Do You See?   Jeremiah 1:9-13 Rev. Nathan Nwabuike
08/21/2016  Your Mindset!   Titus 2:1-8 Rev. Nathan Nwabuike
08/14/2016  Your Light Has Come   John 8:1-13 & Matthew 5:13-16 2:2-10 Sis. Ulette Robinson
08/07/2016  The Mind Of Christ  Phillippians 2:2-10 Rev Nathan Nwabuike
07/31/2016  Today is God's Moment  James 4:13-17 & Hebrews 3:7-15 Sis Lavern McGhie
07/17/2016  The Things We Give Away!  Acts 2:29-47 Miss Andrea Nwabuike
07/10/2016  Reclaim Your Stuff Back!  Genesis 26:12-31 Rev. Nathan Nwabuike
07/03/2016  Reclaim What is Stolen!  1 Samuel 30:9-20 Rev. Nathan Nwabuike
06/26/2016  Response To Adversity  1 Samuel 30:1-8 Rev. Nathan Nwabuike
06/19/2016  Never Give Up  2 Kings 25:27-30 Pastor Dayo Idowu
06/12/2016  I choose a Life of Integrity  Psalm 26:1-12 Rev. Nathan Nwabuike
06/05/2016  Making Choices  Genesis 2:15-20 Rev. Nathan Nwabuike
05/29/2016  Refuse to be Offended  Luke 17:1-6 Rev. Nathan Nwabuike
05/22/2016  Let Your Life Count  1 Corinthians 14:6-8 Rev. Nathan Nwabuike
05/15/2016  Morning  What Do You Do When Your Uzziah Dies  Isaiah 6:1-13 Part I Rev. Emmanuel Francis
05/15/2016  Evening  What Do You Do When Your Uzziah Dies  Isaiah 6:1-13 Part II Rev. Emmanuel Francis
05/08/2016   A Caring Heart  2 Kings 4:8-37 Rev. Nathan Nwabuike
04/24/2016   Make That Change  Deuteronomy 2:1-3 Rev. Nathan Nwabuike
04/17/2016   Take Another Look!  Matthew 14:13-21 Rev. Nathan Nwabuike
04/10/2016   There is More to Give  Revelations 2:1-27 Rev. Nathan Nwabuike
04/03/2016   Your Perspective   2 Corinthians 4:8-18 Rev. Nathan Nwabuike
03/27/2016   The Evidence  Luke 24:1-27 Rev. Nathan Nwabuike
03/20/2016   Praise the Lord  Luke 19:28-40 Rev. Nathan Nwabuike
03/13/2016   Finding Joy in the Spirit  Habakkuk 3:1-19 Rev. Nathan Nwabuike
03/06/2016   Living in Unity  Psalm 133 Rev. Nathan Nwabuike
02/28/2016   Time to Pray  Luke 22:39-46 & 54-61 Rev. Nathan Nwabuike
02/21/2016   Don't run away  Psalm 11:1-7 Rev. Nathan Nwabuike
02/14/2016   Lit   Matthew 5:13-16 Pastor Stephan Wright
02/07/2016   The Lord Will Supply   Exodus 16:1-8;13-20 Rev Nathan Nwabuike
01/31/2016   Withholding Nothing   Genesis 12:1-8 Rev Nathan Nwabuike
01/24/2016   You Can Make A Difference   Matthew 15:32-39 Rev Nathan Nwabuike
01/17/2016   Stir Up Your Gift   Timothy 1:1-7 Rev Nathan Nwabuike
01/03/2016   Happy New Year   Matthew 5:1-9 Rev Nathan Nwabuike