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Sunday School For All Ages - 9:45 a:m
Worship Service - 11:00 a:m

Bible Study - 7:00 p:m


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12/27/2015   Touched by Christmas   Luke 2:17-20 Rev Nathan Nwabuike
12/20/2015   God Meets Us   Luke 2:8-18 Rev Nathan Nwabuike
12/06/2015   Come, All who are Weary   John 4:5-30 Rev Nathan Nwabuike
11/29/2015   Honesty in Worship   Acts 5:1-11 Rev Nathan Nwabuike
11/22/2015   Follow your Dream   Genesis 39:1-23 Rev Nathan Nwabuike
11/15/2015   Seize The Opportunity   Ecclesiastics 9:3-12 Rev Nathan Nwabuike
11/08/2015   Remember the Sacrifice   Matthew 25:14-30 Rev Nathan Nwabuike
11/01/2015   Moving Your Mountain   Mark 11:19-26 Rev Nathan Nwabuike
10/25/2015   Living in the Promise Land   Joshua 17:14-18 Rev Nathan Nwabuike
10/11/2015   Remember to Give Thanks     Rev Nathan Nwabuike
10/04/2015   Claim Your Inheritance!   Joshua 1:1-9 Rev Nathan Nwabuike
09/27/2015   Called To Serve!   Acts 6:1-7 Rev Nathan Nwabuike
09/13/2015   Chosen and Annointed   1 Samuel 15:35 & 16:1-3,13 Ulette Robinson
09/06/2015   The basis of successful Ministry   Romans 12:1-2 Pastor Abraham Manzo
08/30/2015   A Place of Servent-hood   Ruth 1:16&17 Kerry-Ann Reid
08/23/2015   Becoming an Agent of Change   colossians 3:12-17 Rev. Nathan Nwabuike
08/16/2015   Time to Change   Jeremiah 48:1-13 Rev. Nathan Nwabuike
08/09/2015   Time for a Check Up   2 Chronicles 26:1-6 Rev. Nathan Nwabuike
08/02/2015   A Word at the Darkest Hour   Acts 23:1-11 Rev. Nathan Nwabuike
07/26/2015   The Mission Contiunes   Acts 20:22-27 Roeshawn Davidson
07/19/2015   The Roof Will Do   Mark 2:1-12 Ulette Robinson
07/12/2015   Jesus Is Coming   1 Thessalonians 4 Pastor Dr. Hazel Hansen
07/05/2015   Take Care of the Flock   Ezekiel 34:1-12 Rev. Nathan Nwabuike
06/28/2015   God Need Your Service   Acts 1:6-11 Rev. Nathan Nwabuike
06/14/2015   The Desert Mission   Acts 8:26-42 Rev. Nathan Nwabuike
06/07/2015   Step Out And Shine   Isaiah 60:1-5 Rev. Nathan Nwabuike
05/31/2015   Get your feet wet   Joshua 3:7-17 Rev. Nathan Nwabuike
05/24/2015   Consecrate Them With Truth   John 17:6-19 Rev. Nathan Nwabuike
05/17/2015 E  God's Infinite Wisdom   Romans 11:34-36 Matthew 16:13-18 Pastor Fabian Reid
05/17/2015 M  Seeing God for Who He Is   Romans 11:33-36 & Isaiah 55:8-9 Pastor Fabian Reid
05/10/2015  The Challenge of Motherhood   Luke 1:26-38 Rev. Nathan Nwabuike
05/03/2015  The Blaming Game Pt. 2  James 1:11-16 Rev. Nathan Nwabuike
04/26/2015  The Blaming Game  John 5:1-9 Rev. Nathan Nwabuike
04/19/2015  When the Fire Burns  Isaiah 62:1-11 Rev. Nathan Nwabuike
04/12/2015  The Emmaus Road  Luke 24:11-33 Rev. Nathan Nwabuike
04/05/2015  He Knows Yours Name  John 20:11-18 Rev. Nathan Nwabuike